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Our Mission

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Our mission at CookitEasy is to inspire young people to learn to cook healthy home meals. The program is particularly targeted toward young people and new college students. Young people are in their formative years where they begin developing lifestyle habits that will likely persist for their whole lifetime. It's much easier to develop good habits early on than to drastically change one's life routine mid-life. Therefore, it's important that young people develop good habits for their mental and physical health as soon as possible. Food has a huge impact on bodily health.


In particular, college is a busy time where many struggle to cook for themselves, so they end up eating pre-made meals excessively. There is where the phrase, “Freshman 15” (indicating freshmen gaining 15 pounds) originates. Many develop unhealthy habits which then stick with them throughout the rest of their lives. Obviously, this can lead to weight gain and health problems in the long run.

We want to address the misconceptions of many young people that cooking healthy takes too long, costs too much, and doesn’t taste good. On this website, we offer free easy & healthy step-by-step recipes, and a custom search engine where users can find recipes that meet their preferences. Likewise, there are a few step-by-step recipe videos featured on the website under the "Our Mission" tab. We hope that CookitEasy inspires everyone to want to cook themselves through college and beyond!



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Cooking Tools

Visit the "Recipes" tab to see all of CookitEasy's healthy and delicious recipes. Use the dropdown menus above the recipes to customize what kind of recipe you're looking for. CookitEasy has something for everyone!


All the recipes take little time to cook, have a low-ingredients cost, and are delicious & nutritious. There are breakfast, lunch, snack, appetizer, and dinner ideas.


The recipes range from meat dishes to vegetarian meals with a large assortment of recipes that meet the needs of everyone.

Nuestra Misión

Nuestra misión en CookitEasy es inspirar a los jóvenes a aprender a cocinar comida saludable en su casa. El programa está especialmente dirigido a nuevos estudiantes universitarios. Durante la universidad los estudiantes están muy ocupados. También, la mayoría de los estudiantes no saben cocinar. Por esas razones, con frecuencia comen demasiada comida rápida y pre-preparada. Ahí es donde se origina la frase "Freshman 15" (que indica que los estudiantes del primer año aumentan de 15 libras). Entonces, los estudiantes desarollan malas costumbres que continúan hacer después de la universidad. No comer comida sana causa problemas de aumento de peso, enfermedades y otros problemas con la salud.

Muchas estudiantes piensan que cocinar en su casa es aburrido, caro, dificíl y que toma mucho tiempo. Eso no es verdad.


Queremos mostrar a los estudiantes y los jóvenes que cocinar a casa es divertido, saludable, fácil, barato y que se puede hacer en poco tiempo. En este programa, publicamos recetas fáciles para estudiantes en la parte "Recetas en espaañol" del sito web. Arriba de las recetas hay menus desplegables donde las personas pueden personalizar las recetas que quieren.

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